Water Pipes, And Then There Are These Water Pipes

The pipes run from the nearest, reliable water source. The dams and clean-flowing rivers and lakes. And these days also the oceans where desalination has been put to good use. A very sound practice when you think about it. While the technology may still be quite expensive for those regions and populace still new it, it is a technology for the future, given the alarming rate at which many areas and its inland water sources are drying up. 

One thing that isn’t ready to dry up just yet is smoking. The habits of smoking have esthetic purposes for many smokers. And now it even has health benefits. This is always going to depend on the person’s own state of health, who he is dealing with medically, what his acute condition is and who and where he’s legally obtaining his medical use stash. It’s now pleasing to see many youngsters also putting their water pipes to good use.

water pipes

And it’s even pleasing to see progressive parents permitting this habit. Of course, it’s still subject to abuse and it would take extremely mature parents and young adults to master this practice. Obtaining your first water pipe or bong, also popularly referred to as the hookah pipe, is easier said than done. If there’ no specialist store near to you, you can visit the online alternative and place your order.

But legal tangles start when you proceed to shop for the stash. Somehow you need to prove to the accredited purveyor of the goods that you are of the legal age allowed for smoking of any form (except, of course, harmful and still illegal substances). In most US states marijuana use is legal to use for medical purposes only but there are a few progressive states that have given the green light towards recreational use.

Given the healthy condition of most young millennials, they’ll be interested in the recreational side of smoking more than it medicinal benefits. Depending on the condition, it has been proven that water pipe smoking can be of (healthy) benefit to those in ill health or suffering from a disease that is either incurable or will take the patient long to recover from.